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Dried & Preserved Floral Products & Accessories

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Company Profile

Leading Supplier & Importer of High Quality Dried & Preserved Floral Products & Accessories with a Comprehensive Selection of:
bullet Eucalyptus Products
bullet Glitter
bullet Glue Guns, Glue Sticks
bullet Grapevine Products
bullet Mosses
bullet Paint Markers
bullet Pine Cones
bullet Raffia
bullet Ribbons, Metallic
bullet Staplers, Industry Standard Pliers
bullet Sticks & Twigs
bullet Utility Knives


For information on our Gold Leaf products please visit:

Genuine Gold Leaf * Imitation Gold Leaf * Magic Leaf * Bronze Powders * Glitter * 
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Contact Information

1-800-664-LUCO (5826)
Postal address
420 South Fulton Ave.
       Mount Vernon, New York 10553
Electronic mail
Info & Sales: office420@aol.com
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Leo Uhlfelder Co., 420 South Fulton Avenue * Mount Vernon, NY 10553 * Tel: 914-664-8701 * Fax: 914-664-8728 * email office420@aol.com